shady cyborg doctor/infophile



Name/Primary Alias: Zed
Metatype: Human Age: 28
Height: 1.57 m (5’2") Weight: 42 kg (92.5 lbs)


Body: 3
Agility: 3/5
Reaction: 3/4
Strength: 2
Charisma: 2
Intuition: 5
Logic: 5/7
Willpower: 5
Total Edge: 2
Essence: 3.38
Magic or Resonance: 0
Initiative: 8/9
Initiative Passes: 1


Computer | Cybertechnology | Data Search | Exotic Weapon (Monofiliment Whip) | First Aid | Hacking | Hardware | Infiltration | Medicine | Perception | Shadowing | Software | Unarmed Combat | Anatomy | Taxidermy


Korean (Native) | English | French | Japanese | Russian | Spanish


Ambidexterous +
Analytical Mind +
Catlike + +
College Education +
High Pain Tolerance + +
Addiction (Mild): Alcohol -
Day Job – - -
SINner -


Real SIN: Park Soo Yun – Middle lifestyle, Day Job, License: Medical
Fake SIN: Zed – Squatter lifestyle


Karl (Fixer): Connection 2, Loyalty 3
Omen (Pirate): Connection 2, Loyalty 3


LOVES: ping pong, hammocks, information, shenanigans, spare body parts and/or organs, dark alleys, examining the limits of the humanoid mind

HATES: regulatory committees, milk (not the taste, just the idea of it being on her body), being followed, pine, most bugs

OBSESSIONS: perfect symmetry (especially in the human face and body), analog watches and pocket-watches, fountain pens, models (especially aircraft and 18th century ships)

FAVE COLOR: purple

ARCH-NEMESIS: her brother

“Oh, that sounds like racial insensitivity to me…sounds like Tracer needs to watch the video again.”
“Oh, that sounds like sexual harassment to me…sounds like Tracer needs to watch the video again.”
“Oh, that sounds like excessive aggression in the workplace…sounds like Tracer needs to watch the video again.”
“Oh, that sounds like intent to misappropriate company property and/or funds…sounds like Tracer needs to watch the video again.”
“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and that man’s treasure will become mine once I knock him out with all these tranquilizers. Now help me load this thing…”
“I would give a kidney for some flan…not mine, of course. I’ve got other people’s kidneys for my flan purchases.”
“The day you take your brain for granted is the day I catch you off guard and really make you appreciate the fragility of the human body.”

Height: almost 5’2"
Build: slim, physically fit
Hair color: Jet Black
Eye Color: Dark purple (her cyber eye (the left one) is a more metallic purple and has flecks of silver in it)
Skin Color: Ashen pale
Hair Style: Very straight and goes just to her shoulders. She has bangs that come to just above her eyebrows and her hair is parted on the left. She wears her hair down most of the time, but ties it up in a very tight bun or french twist when she is at work and in a messy ponytail when she’s experimenting.

Face and Body Structure: Zed is ethnically 3/4 Korean and 1/4 French, so her face is rather exotic looking. She got her father’s eyes (Korean), and it typically looks as though they’re half-closed. She has a beauty mark under her right eye. She has high cheekbones, a strong jaw-line and a pointed chin. Her nose is straight, and has good definition but is not overly large or prominent. Her lips are rather full and shapely (this is more noticeable when 1. she is wearing lipstick 2. she is not making some horrible smile). Her teeth are perfect and very white and she has fang implants…generally only noticeable when she’s smiling, but she does have a tendency to slap a terrible rictus grin upon her face most of the time when she’s shadow-running. She has a very long, modelesque neck and long, svelte limbs (especially when considering her petite height).

Favored Styles: For her professional/non-shadowrunning life, she typically chooses to dress nicely. Often, she can be seen wearing a loose-fitting blouse with tailored slacks or a nice sweater with a pleated or pencil skirt. She also wears nice business suits if the occasion calls for it and is enamored of designer evening gowns. She often chooses shoes that look nice rather than those which are practical (expensive high heels or boots), unless she is in the OR…in that case, she wears standard, practical non-slip shoes. On the job (non-SR, non-OR), she will wear those things and a lab-coat. In the OR, she wears scrubs in darker colors. She enjoys nice jewelry and her accessories are predominantly amethysts or rubies. She doesn’t wear rings. She wears silver wire-framed aviator style glasses and typically wears make-up. Her favored eyeshadow colors are silver, purple, and charcoal, and she always wears dark red lipstick. She does not paint her nails and keeps the hand on her non-cybernetic arm immaculately manicured (nails always short and well-kept).
For her shadow-running life, Zed chooses clothing which is much more practical. She can often be seen sporting a tank top (grey, white, or black) and baggy slacks (black or dark grey…there is a rumor she has an olive green pair somewhere, but no one has seen it) fastened with a black leather belt and black suspenders. All fasteners are silver, as she doesn’t like the look of gold or brass (it clashes too much with her arm). She wears combat-style boots with go to mid-calf and have laces (black…only black). If she’s speaking with other members of the group, she almost always wears her lab coat. She wears no jewelry or makeup when “on the job” for shadow-running, and almost always wears goggles (unless she’s speaking to her “bosses” about “business” stuff…in which case, she will wear her glasses, as it’s rude to obscure one’s eyes when speaking with superiors about official matters). Her goggles are black and silver with red lenses (think more Desty Nova, less crappy steampunk) and have a black leather adjustable strap. She almost always wears an antique wristwatch which has a black leather band and a black face with a single diamond at the 12 o’clock spot. The hands are very small and delicate and are silver.

Other Notable Things: Her right arm is noticeably cybernetic. It is beautifully crafted and is a very feminine style of design. The appearance is of bright, polished chrome and all the points of articulation are perfectly smoothed so there are no unnecessary bumps or unsightly bulges. The hand is a masterpiece of engineering and features beautiful rose-gold filigree of an ornate caduceus on the back of the hand. Rose-gold is featured where there is a joining spot or point of articulation, but it is not that noticeable unless you are close.
Her left eye is cybernetic and there is a long scar on her face from the operation. The eye itself is very high quality and mimics a normal human eye…the only notable differences are the color (slightly more metallic than a normal eye and with flecks of silver) and the fact that the pupil is reflective.

Mannerisms: In her non-SR life, she is very poised and calm. She has excellent posture, and carries herself with a great deal of dignity. She does not let others get physically close to her and always seems very guarded, yet always like she has an action readied.
In her SR life, she still has great posture, but seems more tightly wound. Even when she is at rest, she always seems as though she could strike out at a vital spot without warning. She loves to lounge and will find a way to lounge upon most anything (table, chair, hammock, coworker).

Goals: Zed’s primary goal is to push the limits of the human mind and body. She believes that the human form, masterpiece of creation as it may be, is inherently flawed and seeks to be perfected.

Argyle – ‘quite respectable (even if he is a magic-user)’
CyberFabulous – ‘fantastic canvas, so many decibels’
John Smith – ‘the closest thing i have to a ’friend’ on the team’
Tracer – ‘lawyer, racist; probably more intelligent than he lets on, still a boob until i have proof, however’
Two Dogs Fucking – ‘wait a minute…*I’m* supposed to be the obligatory ethnic hire ¬_¬’
Wraith – ’he’s probably somewhere around here somewhere’


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