You've already forgotten when he looks like.

Body 3 Total Edge 2
Agility 5 Current Edge 2
Reaction 5 Essence 5.1
Strength 2 Magic or Resonance N/A
Charisma 2 Initiative 10
Intuition 5 Initiative Passes 1
Logic 4 Matrix Initiative 9
Willpower 2 Astral Initiative 10

Wraith was born in LA. He grew up in a low income neighborhood, where crime happens all the time. Wraith was a low level street punk, in and out of juvie several times. He was 16 when his mother contracted one of the VITAS. In order to pay for her increasingly expensive medical bills, Wraith and those he could convince to help him took on increasingly risky, and profitable, thefts. However, since they were amateurs, they were caught and Wraith was sentenced as an adult to a nickel at Lompoc. There he met fellow thieves and learned more about the business.

Wraith was released after only 9 months because the city of LA had a budget shortfall and could not pay Lompoc (now an Ares Corporation Internment Facility) to continue incarceration of many of its criminals. They elected to release the majority of their non-violent offenders.

Wraith immediately went back to stealing things, having discovered a natural talent for sneaking passed cameras and other sensors. His mother’s condition had worsened during his absence, and needed still more expensive care. He was much more successful at evading arrest this time, staying out of prison long enough to watch his mother waste away and die, which drove him to the bottle. Shortly afterward, drunk off his ass, Wraith was caught trying to steal pallets of “Food Chemicals”, unaware that the contents were actually military hardware. This wouldn’t have been so bad if the hardware hadn’t been the property of Aztechnology, who assumed that Wraith was a (incompetent) shadowrunner.

Aztechnology insisted on shipping Wraith off to one of their own holding facilities in Aztlan, where Wraith was sentenced to 25 years. After a few months of being the low man on the pole, Wraith established a reputation (and earned his moniker) with the prisoners by chiving a guy after lights out. This near-miraculous feat earned Wraith enough juice to have a fairly comfortable prison stay.

After a few years, Wraith befriended a hacker/technomancer known only as “5-up” or, more commonly, “pretty lips”. In exchange for his protection, the hacker promised that he would help Wraith live up to his name in more way than one. After another year or so, Wraith was able to get the technomancer node access. Within hours, Wraith and the hacker were processed out before the guards even realized they had been hacked.

Wraith had assumed that 5-up’s promise had been related to the escape, but when he found his way to Tenochtitlan he quickly found that his SIN no longer existed, and electronic evidence of his presence tended to vanish within a day.

Now 26, Wraith employed his only skill to get by: stealing things. After a few relatively high-profile solo jobs, he found a fixer willing to farm him some shadow gigs. This situation continued for several years, but Wraith was growing tired of Aztlan. When a gig sent him to Seattle, he was already thinking about ditching his life in Tenochtitlan when he met up with Tracer in a bar. Their conversation convinced Wraith to take up residence in Seattle and start running with Shadowrun, Inc. This was approximately a year ago.


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