Suicide the Younger

Mysterious fixer with unknown reach.


Ask any runner how long Suicide the Younger has been fixing, and they’ll shrug and tell you that they’ve heard about him since they started running.
His messages are untraceable and no one has claimed to have met him face to face, but his jobs are always good. It’s rumored that Suicide the Younger takes such care in selecting the right runners for each job that no one has ever failed a “Suicide Run.” From this has grown the rumor that Suicide the Younger takes an active role is assisting runners on his jobs.

There are an abundance of theories about how one fixer can be so good and also impossible to find. Some say that Suicide the Younger is actually a group of fixers, some say that he is a technomancer who spends all of his time in the Matrix, and some say he is actually an advanced AI looking to amass wealth for some reason. You might even hear people say that he’s probably a dragon.
The only question that poses more speculation than “Who is Suicide the Younger” is “Who is/was Suicide the Elder?”

Whatever the true nature of Suicide the Younger, getting a job from him is always a sign that you are doing things right. It’s something of a point of pride and definitely a sign of a good payday ahead.



Suicide the Younger

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