Second rate fixer. Low risk, low pay.


Age: 27
Metatype: Orc
Nationality: UCAS
Height: 1.99m
Weight: 113.05kg
Skin: Tanned
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Red (Cyberware Implants)

Hobbies: Chess, gambling, hiking.


Hashtag was a runner not long ago; a hacker his team was proud of. But after taking a job from Fast Lane a year ago (relative to the start of campaign), he found himself the sole survivor of what he artfully refers to as “a fucking shit-storm of fucking shit.”
His experience left him somewhat shaken, but he has few marketable skills outside of the shadows, so he used what connections were left to him and established himself as a fixer. He is new to the game, and lacking in many areas, but one thing he makes sure of is that the job is safe. He considers it his mission within the mission to make sure that if something goes wrong, it’s not because of a bad deal on his part.

Not surprisingly, he has no love for Fast Lane, but he has thus far kept things professional and refrained from any open rivalry.

It happens that Tracer’s first shadowrun was the very same mission that changed Hashtag’s life. Part of the ambush left several brutal Black IC agents waiting for Hashtag. He only barely made it out with his mind intact by crashing the node. He was running in hot sim though, and the resulting dumpshock left him “scorched” and with severe simsense vertigo. He also experiences VR hallucinations, though this is probably a purely psychological effect. He no longer even owns a sim module.


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