Fast Lane

Seattle based fixer with a shakey reputation.


Age: 41
Metatype: Dwarf
Nationality: UCAS
Height: 1.07m
Weight: 43.50kg
Skin: White
Hair: Black
Eyes: Grey
SIN status: UNKNOWN (Obviously fake)

Hobbies: UNKOWN


Fast Lane has been in business for about five years and has risen quickly in prominence in the Seattle area.
Lately, however, she seems to be losing her touch. A string of set-ups and dirty jobs made it her way and whether through ignorance, carelessness, or simply not giving a shit, on to runners, resulting in several deaths and a handful of runners still in hiding.
She has not handled this well. She has made no secret that she believes there is a conspiracy against her, which has led many to believe that some of her jobs are actually for her to get information. Additionally, she has become desperate for jobs, and has become known for trying to place just about anything. Sometimes, this is good, sometimes it is tragically bad.

Accepting a job from Fast Lane is a gamble. It may be some B.S. courier job for chump change, it could be a high-risk job that no one in their right mind would take but for the huge payout, or you could find yourself dead in a warehouse so one corp can blame another and ruin their stocks. You just never know.

Fast Lane

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