Shadowrun Inc.


That sure escalated...

With the disc in transit, there was no time to waste. John Smith sent out the tracking info on his motorcycle to the rest of the team. Two Dogs Fucking took to the air with a flight spell, and CyberFabulous, took off on foot. Through sheer speed (and probably wandering off following some hot piece of ass already), Cyberfabulous reached the van just as Smith, on Tracer’s motorcylce, caught up in front of the Shangri-La casino. (So, pretty busy…) Slamming on the brakes to avoid hitting the brightly colored ork, the van came to a screeching halt, forcing Smith to swerve around it, having grabbed some fire power from his own bike.
It was short work. A burst from Smith’s assault rifle disabled the vehicle. The occupants, clearly not wanting a fight to the death, took off on foot, but were gunned down in short order by Cyberfabulous. Two Dogs Fucking spotted the mage through the now open door and went balls out with an obscenely powerful stunbolt and followed up by swooping in and slitting the unconscious man’s throat.
A couple of minutes of quick body searching turned up the disc and few unregistered firearms just in time to GTFO before Lone Star showed up.
Being consummate professionals, they decided that the best course of action was to get the disc to Mr. Johnson as soon as possible and let him determine if the disc was the correct one.
It was! They were paid the rest of their ten grand, plus another five as bonus for their swift work.



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