Shadowrun Inc.

Property Dispute

Divorce is messy business.

A few days after a their successful heist, the group was contacted by Hashtag with a Mr. Johnson who needed some help with the acquisition of some personal property from his ex.
The Mr. Johnson was a man by the name of Dariush Husseini, a tobacconist who stands out as one of the rare successful independent businessmen in a line of product dominated by the megacorps. In fact, his rather sudden success around ten years ago is something of a mystery.
The target was some jewelry he lost in his divorce with Caroline Brak, a fashion designer who left him for their lawyer.
After some quick intel gathering, the runners learned the identity of the lawyer, a Michael White, and found that he was somehow involved with a mage’s lodge and though he himself was not a mage, he was protected by powerful spirits. Despite this, they accepted the meeting.

Tracer and Argyle met with Dariush in his office at his main store. He explained jewelry had belonged to his grandmother, but with some legal maneuvering, was labeled as a gift to Caroline, and therefore given to her in the divorce. The piece he was most interested in was a pendant, for which the reward was ¥10000. If the rest of the jewlery could be recovered, there would be an additional ¥5000 reward. After learning that Michael may be working for mages, Dariush admitted that, while there was sentimental attachment to his grandmother’s jewelry, the pendant was magical in nature. He assured them, however, that it was dormant, and that the nature of the magic was such that no one would be able to use it anyway. He would not elaborate further.
They accepted the mission.

After a couple of days of scouting and following, they discovered the following:

- They followed Michael White to house in Belleview that was heavily warded. When they dug into the address, they found the house belonged to a man name Miguel Manchaca.
- Manchaca’s record was clean as far as Zed could dig. In fact, the only thing slightly unusual about his goings on were several trips per year to Germany. Combined with no apparent income, it was odd, but didn’t explain anything. However, when Argyle asked his sister, she was able to learn that he belonged to a secret lodge that called themselves “The Wings of Erdegekettet.” She expressed deep concern about this, because secret lodges are rarely up to any good. Furthermore, this appeared to be a very old order, and keeping a secret for so long implies that powerful people are keeping it secret.
- Michael White was being sought out for help by a teenage girl named Erica Wood, who cornered him several times throughout his day and seemed to be begging for help that he refused. After Tracer spooked her in the mall, she ran back to White and the two of them drove to Manchaca’s house. Several hours later, they left and Erica was protected by spirits.
-Erica Wood’s parents, Stan and Janet, were clients of White’s. The firm White works for focuses on business and tax law, so presumably, he was involved with their business. Why a young girl would need his help in the first place remains a mystery.
-After observing the Manchaca’s house, now apparently the location of the lodge “The Wings of Erdegekettet” it became clear that it was a dangerous target. To test how dangerous, Tracer decided to hire “some chumps” to test the defenses. He is awaiting some likely chumps from Hashtag.



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