Shadowrun Inc.

On the hunt

Legwork and all that

Some quick research and connection probing revealed that a young ork musician named Nabo had been talking about an email looking for buyers for a disc of lost music tracks supposed to be worth a lot of money.
Fortunately, Nabo was performing in a local venue before heading out on tour. The concert promised to be packed, loud, rowdy, and generally a perfect event to sneak in and get their hands on Nabo’s commlink and trace that email. This plan went quite well. After obtaining some passes by knocking an ork sized port-o-john with a human inside over, causing him to leave, disgusted and part with his wristband, and another method that wasn’t nearly as entertaining, Tracer and Argyle got inside, while John Smith made his way on the roof to check out the skylight situation. Some smooth words and concealing spells got them backstage, where Tracer was able to slip right past a very drunk member of Nabo’s entourage and take the ‘link right out of his dressing room.
The email was rather easy to trace, and led to a hacker named Zipper, who was also pretty easy to find. She was hanging out at a retro hacker bar. She didn’t take much convincing to sell out one Kerwin Loomis as the one attempting to sell the disc.
Loomis owned and operated a shitty little dive bar that Tracer actually remembered (barely) from one night of especially heavy drinking. When they arrived, Looms was not there, and the only patrons were some local gang members who appeared to be helping themselves.
Two Dogs Fucking and Smith went to scout the junkyard that was literally right behind the crappy bar, and found that a group of armed men, including a very observant mage were one step ahead of them, combing the place for Loomis. After a brief confrontation, 2DF and Smith realized that they were outnumbered and backed off. Soon after, they heard the men grab Loomis and take the disc from him. When it was over, they went and found him, injured and bleeding and took him back to the bar, where he lamented that the group had taken a disc that his father had given him. Smith activated his motorcycle’s pilot program and set it to follow the interlopers’ van.



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