Shadowrun Inc.

More work!

The morning after the rather public shooting, Karl contacted Tracer with a video of CyberFabulous someone had recorded.
But more importantly, he had a job. A friend of his needed some additional security in the very near future. The meeting was set for that evening in a nearby Humanis Polyclub gathering spot. Karl assured him that the Johnson was not involved in such a group, but their bars and lounges were known to be very secure, and they ask no questions.
So Tracer, John Smith, and Zed arrived, well dressed, and met with their Johnson. A middle aged woman, smartly attired, and clearly warn out from looking over her shoulder.
She explained that she was scheduled to unveil a prototype to a conference set by her employer (Renraku) in three days. Of course, there would be ample security, but there was a problem. Certain events have led her to believe that someone (it could be any number of competitors or rivals) was after her and/or the prototype, and whoever it was had access to someone close to her. She couldn’t simply fire all of her suspects, as that would raise all kinds of alarms and land her in pretty severe trouble with her bosses.
So, the plan is to have them look into her primary suspects (she handed over a paper file of who she is most worried about) and if they can root out the mole, to do so. And come the day of the conference, they would supplement her security detail to keep an eye on those keeping an eye on her. She assured them that she had enough connections to get them security credentials that would at least hold up for the day.
The price: A very respectable ¥20000 if her transit is successful, and an additional ¥5000 bonus if they can tell her who is planning to betray her. She requested the she handle the mole (if indeed there is one) through official channels, but the bonus will still be honored if the offender dies, so long as proof of their involvement can be provided.



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