Shadowrun Inc.

Lost: One Old Disc

Seriously, who would even want an old optical disc?

The team decided that Mathers was better handled on their own terms. They broke into his apartment, and told him in no uncertain terms that they would not be fucked with. But then they erased those terms and and had 2DF change his memories to remember things as a friendly chat in which the terms of their deal was less one sided. They also altered the memory of the deadline for the mission.
Unfortunately, the magic was noticed but the mage waited until the next day to address it, as it did not appear to be hostile magic. A review of security footage, and the realization that the deadline was set by his employer, not himself (meaning that he had no authority to change it) was enough to make him realize that something was amiss about the story he remembered. It’s unclear how much he remembers, but Karl came across the information after hearing about Mathers asking after the team.
Karl sat down with Tracer and Zed and warned them about the inquiries and advised them to stay clear of Mathers for now and let him exhaust himself with paranoia, as he is wont to do. He also delivered the bad new that Lone Star had been conducting high visibility campaigns in an attempt to win back some contracts, and as a result, the shadows were dried up as far as jobs go.
As a couple weeks passed, the following happened:

Sudo showed up at the office (no idea how she found it) and told Smith that someone had been following her since she looked into Project Whitestar, and they did not appear to be government or obviously affiliated with any corp. They were incredibly good at covering their tracks, both electronically, and physically. When pressed, Sudo could not even recall what the men who came to her apartment had looked like. (Magic?) Smith had her go look into the names she had dug up earlier, reminding her that she was in it now too whether they liked it or not when she protested. She reluctantly agreed and went off to do that.

Argyle joined a chapter of the Illuminates of the New Dawn. Friends! Yay!

2DF pursued membership in the First Nations gang. (We’ll do his initiation on the forum soon.)

Zed somehow convinced people that she was sophisticated enough to join a country club. More friends! More yay!

Tracer started going through his contacts to see if he could acquire some laser weapons. he could not, but an armorer contact did offer to pay for any stock they wanted to unload, no questions asked.

Cyberfabulous sat in his room in the office and presumably watched anime the whole time, though it is entirely possible that the comical screaming and noises were in fact coming from him.

After a couple of weeks of nothing, Hashtag came through with a meet. Of course, the team accepted and headed to the club they were directed to.
Mr. Johnson (a flamboyantly, yet tastefully dressed troll) has paid ¥5000 up front with the promise of ¥5000 more on delivery of an old optical disc stolen from his employer. All they were told is that the disc has some music data and would be of value to certain people, so whoever stole it would likely want to sell it as soon as possible. A request to inspect the crime scene was denied, as Mr. Johnson’s employer is a very private man who is pursuing this through the shadows specifically to avoid the intrusion of an official investigation. Also, he believes that the official channels would not be fast enough to retrieve the disc before it was sold and out of reach.
After agreeing, Mr. Johnson invited them to enjoy the club on his tab. An invitaiton that Tracer took full advantage of.

The next morning, Tracer awakes an hour late for work with two messages on his commlink. The first is from his boss, asking where Tracer is. The second is from Mr. Johnson:
“When I invited you to enjoy the club “on me” I had hoped that you would use the opportunity to discuss your plans to accomplish the job. I was most disappointed to find that you spent some ¥500 on expensive booze only to vomit it back up on an expensive couch, for which I am now require to reimburse the club. If I were a less forgiving man, I would take that out of your pay, but as I am sure I can find a way to write it off on my taxes, I’ll let it go. This time. Going forward, I expect more professionalism from people I employ.

Looking forward to your success,
Mr. Johnson"



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