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A Simple Smash and Grab Part 2


The heist worked according to plan! The mage, Marcus Walker, left for the meeting with Tracer and was rendered unconscious by Argyle. The security system was hacked by Zed to trigger an alarm outside after Wraith was already inside (with the help of a chameleon suit), while Argyle’s air spirit distracted the astral guardians.
There were a couple of hiccups with door security, but the object was removed and the whole job was over in a matter of minutes.

The device was contained in a heavily secured carrying case featuring a coded mag-lock, a biometric lock, and an internal lock accessed via installed wireless node. After an unsuccessful attempt to hack the wireless lock caused the node to crash, it was decided to leave it alone and let the customer figure it out. After all, they were only paid to get the thing from point A to point B. They took it to the address they were given, which turned out to be an operating and well guarded dockside warehouse. The van was approached by armed guards who, with few words, took the case and walked away.

A couple of hours later, while toasting their success in a local coffee and pie joint, the vid-screens began showing news reports of an explosion in a dockside warehouse. Shortly after that, the money for the job (4,000¥) was deposited into the secure account.
Some quick research confirmed that the warehouse in question was in fact their drop point. The only other information turned up was that there have been rumors of smugglers operating out of that particular compound, but they were unable to turn up who might be involved.

Wraith had also nabbed a quantum soldering tool from the lab that he was able to fence for 2,000¥.

Just before he went to sleep, Tracer was contacted by Marcus Walker with a simple message thanking him for the assistance. Strange, considering that he was the target of a very successful magic attack. He did not elaborate any further, but they were able to trace the message back its source, presumably Marcus’ home.

On to the next job!


It’s actually really fitting that you not remember Wraith’s name.

A Simple Smash and Grab Part 2

Pie, gentlemen. Twas coffee and pie ;3 Were there waffles? I certainly don’t remember any waffles. I only remember the pie. Damn good pie. If you’re ever up around that way, that cherry pie is worth a stop o~~~

A Simple Smash and Grab Part 2

Maybe I just had waffles on the brain.

A Simple Smash and Grab Part 2

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