Shadowrun Inc.

A Simple Smash and Grab Part 1

The Plannening

Karl has found a Mr. Johnson who needs access to a product still in development by a competitor before the patent can be finalized. The project, which appears to be a hand held weapon of some kind is being developed and tested in an independent research facility, the primary security of which seems to be secrecy.
With the project number supplied by Mr. Johnson, the group has set about putting a plan into action.

A bit of hacking turned up a floor plan and grounds layout, while a meeting in the guise of interested customers turned up some interesting facts about security, most notably, the contact information of the on call security mage. A meeting with him was arranged for the following day at lunch to draw him away for about an hour. When this window starts, they will disrupt cameras and security drones, while simultaneously staging a false attack on the Astral Plane to draw the attention of the bound spirits. All of this should provide the cover necessary to disable the locks and walk right in.




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