Shadowrun Inc.

A Much Better Plan

Way better than fighting mages

(Date is of the day that we stopped for the night.)

After some reflection while waiting for “some chumps” to turn up, Argyle proposed a plan that was better in just about every way: Go after Caroline Brak directly. She still appears to be in possession of the jewelry, so why involve such potentially dangerous men as those mages?

There was some discussion and the final plan looked like this:

Step 1: Create a convincing reason to reexamine the property dispensation of a finalized divorce. For this, they decided that Tracer would pose as the representative of a security firm against which Dariush was filing suit for losing secure property. This property included items covered in the divorce, meaning that the result of this suit could retroactively impact the divorce dispensation, as Dariush would not technically have owned the property at that point, so it could not have been awarded to anyone during the divorce. The matter is to be settled by court ordered arbitration. Argyle will play the part of Dariush’s lawyer, and Caroline would have her own lawyer, so long as it was not Michael White, as he was named in the suit on other allegations, not to mention the potential impact of his relationship with Caroline.
It was decided that Dariush needed to be in the know, and he agreed to act the part.

Step 2: Convince Caroline. Easy enough for Tracer. He met her for dinner as the representative for the security firm, seeking to either seduce her and take the jewelry once in her home, or to make sure she agreed to the terms of the suit, chiefly remanding the items in question to his firm’s custody until the matter is settled. He invented a story of personal dissatisfaction with Dariush to assure her that he would help her in order to get back at him.
She was too wary to be seduced, but it seems her greed and a slight vindictive streak compelled her to agree to the arbitration, but only after she could find another lawyer to replace Mr. White. (She’s a business woman and has clearly learned to never make final decisions about such things without consulting an expert.)

Step 3: Take possession of the jewelry (and a few other items, just for good measure) and pretend to send them to a remote secure facility only to have them “lost at sea.” Zed contacted her pirate ally, Omen, and was able to exchange false ship identities, cargo manifests, and permissions from her in exchange for a month of free medical service. (ONLY medical service. ABSOLUTELY NO modifications, improvements, or extra bling.) As a bonus, the false information was the cover for her operation, so there is recent, verifiable movement, AND, she’s about to bankrupt it to move on to another cover. So there’s not much clean-up for the team to do.

Step 4: Play out the arbitration and disappear.

We are just about to begin step 3. Caroline has a lawyer and now they just need to pretend to wait on summons and finish the job.



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