Shadowrun Inc.

More work!

The morning after the rather public shooting, Karl contacted Tracer with a video of CyberFabulous someone had recorded.
But more importantly, he had a job. A friend of his needed some additional security in the very near future. The meeting was set for that evening in a nearby Humanis Polyclub gathering spot. Karl assured him that the Johnson was not involved in such a group, but their bars and lounges were known to be very secure, and they ask no questions.
So Tracer, John Smith, and Zed arrived, well dressed, and met with their Johnson. A middle aged woman, smartly attired, and clearly warn out from looking over her shoulder.
She explained that she was scheduled to unveil a prototype to a conference set by her employer (Renraku) in three days. Of course, there would be ample security, but there was a problem. Certain events have led her to believe that someone (it could be any number of competitors or rivals) was after her and/or the prototype, and whoever it was had access to someone close to her. She couldn’t simply fire all of her suspects, as that would raise all kinds of alarms and land her in pretty severe trouble with her bosses.
So, the plan is to have them look into her primary suspects (she handed over a paper file of who she is most worried about) and if they can root out the mole, to do so. And come the day of the conference, they would supplement her security detail to keep an eye on those keeping an eye on her. She assured them that she had enough connections to get them security credentials that would at least hold up for the day.
The price: A very respectable ¥20000 if her transit is successful, and an additional ¥5000 bonus if they can tell her who is planning to betray her. She requested the she handle the mole (if indeed there is one) through official channels, but the bonus will still be honored if the offender dies, so long as proof of their involvement can be provided.

That sure escalated...

With the disc in transit, there was no time to waste. John Smith sent out the tracking info on his motorcycle to the rest of the team. Two Dogs Fucking took to the air with a flight spell, and CyberFabulous, took off on foot. Through sheer speed (and probably wandering off following some hot piece of ass already), Cyberfabulous reached the van just as Smith, on Tracer’s motorcylce, caught up in front of the Shangri-La casino. (So, pretty busy…) Slamming on the brakes to avoid hitting the brightly colored ork, the van came to a screeching halt, forcing Smith to swerve around it, having grabbed some fire power from his own bike.
It was short work. A burst from Smith’s assault rifle disabled the vehicle. The occupants, clearly not wanting a fight to the death, took off on foot, but were gunned down in short order by Cyberfabulous. Two Dogs Fucking spotted the mage through the now open door and went balls out with an obscenely powerful stunbolt and followed up by swooping in and slitting the unconscious man’s throat.
A couple of minutes of quick body searching turned up the disc and few unregistered firearms just in time to GTFO before Lone Star showed up.
Being consummate professionals, they decided that the best course of action was to get the disc to Mr. Johnson as soon as possible and let him determine if the disc was the correct one.
It was! They were paid the rest of their ten grand, plus another five as bonus for their swift work.

On the hunt
Legwork and all that

Some quick research and connection probing revealed that a young ork musician named Nabo had been talking about an email looking for buyers for a disc of lost music tracks supposed to be worth a lot of money.
Fortunately, Nabo was performing in a local venue before heading out on tour. The concert promised to be packed, loud, rowdy, and generally a perfect event to sneak in and get their hands on Nabo’s commlink and trace that email. This plan went quite well. After obtaining some passes by knocking an ork sized port-o-john with a human inside over, causing him to leave, disgusted and part with his wristband, and another method that wasn’t nearly as entertaining, Tracer and Argyle got inside, while John Smith made his way on the roof to check out the skylight situation. Some smooth words and concealing spells got them backstage, where Tracer was able to slip right past a very drunk member of Nabo’s entourage and take the ‘link right out of his dressing room.
The email was rather easy to trace, and led to a hacker named Zipper, who was also pretty easy to find. She was hanging out at a retro hacker bar. She didn’t take much convincing to sell out one Kerwin Loomis as the one attempting to sell the disc.
Loomis owned and operated a shitty little dive bar that Tracer actually remembered (barely) from one night of especially heavy drinking. When they arrived, Looms was not there, and the only patrons were some local gang members who appeared to be helping themselves.
Two Dogs Fucking and Smith went to scout the junkyard that was literally right behind the crappy bar, and found that a group of armed men, including a very observant mage were one step ahead of them, combing the place for Loomis. After a brief confrontation, 2DF and Smith realized that they were outnumbered and backed off. Soon after, they heard the men grab Loomis and take the disc from him. When it was over, they went and found him, injured and bleeding and took him back to the bar, where he lamented that the group had taken a disc that his father had given him. Smith activated his motorcycle’s pilot program and set it to follow the interlopers’ van.

Lost: One Old Disc
Seriously, who would even want an old optical disc?

The team decided that Mathers was better handled on their own terms. They broke into his apartment, and told him in no uncertain terms that they would not be fucked with. But then they erased those terms and and had 2DF change his memories to remember things as a friendly chat in which the terms of their deal was less one sided. They also altered the memory of the deadline for the mission.
Unfortunately, the magic was noticed but the mage waited until the next day to address it, as it did not appear to be hostile magic. A review of security footage, and the realization that the deadline was set by his employer, not himself (meaning that he had no authority to change it) was enough to make him realize that something was amiss about the story he remembered. It’s unclear how much he remembers, but Karl came across the information after hearing about Mathers asking after the team.
Karl sat down with Tracer and Zed and warned them about the inquiries and advised them to stay clear of Mathers for now and let him exhaust himself with paranoia, as he is wont to do. He also delivered the bad new that Lone Star had been conducting high visibility campaigns in an attempt to win back some contracts, and as a result, the shadows were dried up as far as jobs go.
As a couple weeks passed, the following happened:

Sudo showed up at the office (no idea how she found it) and told Smith that someone had been following her since she looked into Project Whitestar, and they did not appear to be government or obviously affiliated with any corp. They were incredibly good at covering their tracks, both electronically, and physically. When pressed, Sudo could not even recall what the men who came to her apartment had looked like. (Magic?) Smith had her go look into the names she had dug up earlier, reminding her that she was in it now too whether they liked it or not when she protested. She reluctantly agreed and went off to do that.

Argyle joined a chapter of the Illuminates of the New Dawn. Friends! Yay!

2DF pursued membership in the First Nations gang. (We’ll do his initiation on the forum soon.)

Zed somehow convinced people that she was sophisticated enough to join a country club. More friends! More yay!

Tracer started going through his contacts to see if he could acquire some laser weapons. he could not, but an armorer contact did offer to pay for any stock they wanted to unload, no questions asked.

Cyberfabulous sat in his room in the office and presumably watched anime the whole time, though it is entirely possible that the comical screaming and noises were in fact coming from him.

After a couple of weeks of nothing, Hashtag came through with a meet. Of course, the team accepted and headed to the club they were directed to.
Mr. Johnson (a flamboyantly, yet tastefully dressed troll) has paid ¥5000 up front with the promise of ¥5000 more on delivery of an old optical disc stolen from his employer. All they were told is that the disc has some music data and would be of value to certain people, so whoever stole it would likely want to sell it as soon as possible. A request to inspect the crime scene was denied, as Mr. Johnson’s employer is a very private man who is pursuing this through the shadows specifically to avoid the intrusion of an official investigation. Also, he believes that the official channels would not be fast enough to retrieve the disc before it was sold and out of reach.
After agreeing, Mr. Johnson invited them to enjoy the club on his tab. An invitaiton that Tracer took full advantage of.

The next morning, Tracer awakes an hour late for work with two messages on his commlink. The first is from his boss, asking where Tracer is. The second is from Mr. Johnson:
“When I invited you to enjoy the club “on me” I had hoped that you would use the opportunity to discuss your plans to accomplish the job. I was most disappointed to find that you spent some ¥500 on expensive booze only to vomit it back up on an expensive couch, for which I am now require to reimburse the club. If I were a less forgiving man, I would take that out of your pay, but as I am sure I can find a way to write it off on my taxes, I’ll let it go. This time. Going forward, I expect more professionalism from people I employ.

Looking forward to your success,
Mr. Johnson"

Damn Lawyers!
Shit just got real.

Everything was in place, ready to go. Even Wraith mysteriously appeared to lend a hand in keeping an eye on things in case Caroline decided to pull some crazy stunt.

The stunt, as it turned out, was not so crazy. The lawyer she hired (James Mathers) had his own ideas for the custody of the items in question. He produced a certified info card that listed all of the items and showed them to be in custody of a third party. He stated that, until a trial proved otherwise, Caroline could not be implicated in the removal of the items from Adaman Security’s possession, meaning that the only thing that was not disputed was that Adaman had lost the items and therefore should not be trusted to keep them during these proceedings. He seemed excesssively dickish about the whole thing. Argyle used a mind probe to figure out what this guy’s angle was and learned that everything here was being recorded and would be sent to authorities and, perhaps worse, the media if he did not enter a code to stop it at an appointed time. He planned to use this to control the situation.
After the meeting was concluded, Mathers asked to speak with Argyle alone (and unbeknownst to either of them, Wraith). He told Argyle that he knew this was all bullshit and that none of the documents checked out. There was some back and forth, Mathers clearly not entirely certain of the accusation he was about to make, until Argyle demanded a straight explanation. The lawyer told him that he worked with this kind of thing often and believed that this was a shadowrun. Without directly confirming this, Argyle asked what he expected to gain from this confrontation.
Mathers explained that he had a job he needed doing. In exchange for that, he would not blow the cover of the people at this meeting. He hinted that there could be a mutually beneficial business arrangement in it in the future as well. Argyle made him agree to convince Caroline to place the items into their custody as well and they shook hands.
Argyle immediately told everyone what happened and Wraith had Zed track down the guy’s car so he could install some surveillance equipment and stow away in the trunk. Tracer tried to intercept and charm Mathers. Mathers seemed to barely listen to what Tracer had to say and refused the offer of a drink.
The folder (yes, paper) that Argyle was given contained some information about an experimental one man stealth anti-grav aircraft that appeared to be focused on inserting operatives. It contained the location of a secure private airfield and the hanger where the aircraft is held and the location of the drop off, a different hanger just outside Seattle. Pretty straightforward. Mathers gave them one week to finish the job or he would release the info he has.

To be clear, so we all understand exactly what is at stake, here is why that would be bad:
Argyle was magically disguised, and Wraith was never detected. With fake and easily replaceable commlinks, even with those ID’s recorded, they are in little danger of being identified. Tracer, on the other hand, was in full view of Mathers the whole time. And, while he doesn’t bring his legitimate commlink with him on runs, he does have a real SIN. Facial recognition technology is pretty advanced and some investigative work could tie his face to the scanners at his place of legal employment and pick up his SIN from there.
The other problem is Dariush. In general, it is considered very bad form indeed to expose your Mr. Johnson to the public, especially if there is any question as to the legality of what is going on. Even without proof, it makes their lives harder and makes them less trusting of this kind of work, which is bad for business for all fixers.
Either of those outcomes will become known in the fixer community quickly. Yes, fixers talk and keep databases of fuck-ups as a professional courtesy to each other. Karl and Hashtag could easily identify Tracer and name his usual cohorts. They might like the team, but if push comes to shove, they will protect themselves and their connections above all.
Also, just the suggestion that a Mr. Johnson might get caught with shadowrunners and would even have the passing chance of naming the fixer he contacted will make a fixer pucker their asshole so tight it might just fuse shut. So, to cover his own ass, Hashtag would immediately hire someone to kill Dariush. And he may feel some loyalty toward Tracer, but it is unlikely that that would stop him from doing the same for everyone on the team.
So don’t fuck this up.

A Much Better Plan
Way better than fighting mages

(Date is of the day that we stopped for the night.)

After some reflection while waiting for “some chumps” to turn up, Argyle proposed a plan that was better in just about every way: Go after Caroline Brak directly. She still appears to be in possession of the jewelry, so why involve such potentially dangerous men as those mages?

There was some discussion and the final plan looked like this:

Step 1: Create a convincing reason to reexamine the property dispensation of a finalized divorce. For this, they decided that Tracer would pose as the representative of a security firm against which Dariush was filing suit for losing secure property. This property included items covered in the divorce, meaning that the result of this suit could retroactively impact the divorce dispensation, as Dariush would not technically have owned the property at that point, so it could not have been awarded to anyone during the divorce. The matter is to be settled by court ordered arbitration. Argyle will play the part of Dariush’s lawyer, and Caroline would have her own lawyer, so long as it was not Michael White, as he was named in the suit on other allegations, not to mention the potential impact of his relationship with Caroline.
It was decided that Dariush needed to be in the know, and he agreed to act the part.

Step 2: Convince Caroline. Easy enough for Tracer. He met her for dinner as the representative for the security firm, seeking to either seduce her and take the jewelry once in her home, or to make sure she agreed to the terms of the suit, chiefly remanding the items in question to his firm’s custody until the matter is settled. He invented a story of personal dissatisfaction with Dariush to assure her that he would help her in order to get back at him.
She was too wary to be seduced, but it seems her greed and a slight vindictive streak compelled her to agree to the arbitration, but only after she could find another lawyer to replace Mr. White. (She’s a business woman and has clearly learned to never make final decisions about such things without consulting an expert.)

Step 3: Take possession of the jewelry (and a few other items, just for good measure) and pretend to send them to a remote secure facility only to have them “lost at sea.” Zed contacted her pirate ally, Omen, and was able to exchange false ship identities, cargo manifests, and permissions from her in exchange for a month of free medical service. (ONLY medical service. ABSOLUTELY NO modifications, improvements, or extra bling.) As a bonus, the false information was the cover for her operation, so there is recent, verifiable movement, AND, she’s about to bankrupt it to move on to another cover. So there’s not much clean-up for the team to do.

Step 4: Play out the arbitration and disappear.

We are just about to begin step 3. Caroline has a lawyer and now they just need to pretend to wait on summons and finish the job.

Property Dispute
Divorce is messy business.

A few days after a their successful heist, the group was contacted by Hashtag with a Mr. Johnson who needed some help with the acquisition of some personal property from his ex.
The Mr. Johnson was a man by the name of Dariush Husseini, a tobacconist who stands out as one of the rare successful independent businessmen in a line of product dominated by the megacorps. In fact, his rather sudden success around ten years ago is something of a mystery.
The target was some jewelry he lost in his divorce with Caroline Brak, a fashion designer who left him for their lawyer.
After some quick intel gathering, the runners learned the identity of the lawyer, a Michael White, and found that he was somehow involved with a mage’s lodge and though he himself was not a mage, he was protected by powerful spirits. Despite this, they accepted the meeting.

Tracer and Argyle met with Dariush in his office at his main store. He explained jewelry had belonged to his grandmother, but with some legal maneuvering, was labeled as a gift to Caroline, and therefore given to her in the divorce. The piece he was most interested in was a pendant, for which the reward was ¥10000. If the rest of the jewlery could be recovered, there would be an additional ¥5000 reward. After learning that Michael may be working for mages, Dariush admitted that, while there was sentimental attachment to his grandmother’s jewelry, the pendant was magical in nature. He assured them, however, that it was dormant, and that the nature of the magic was such that no one would be able to use it anyway. He would not elaborate further.
They accepted the mission.

After a couple of days of scouting and following, they discovered the following:

- They followed Michael White to house in Belleview that was heavily warded. When they dug into the address, they found the house belonged to a man name Miguel Manchaca.
- Manchaca’s record was clean as far as Zed could dig. In fact, the only thing slightly unusual about his goings on were several trips per year to Germany. Combined with no apparent income, it was odd, but didn’t explain anything. However, when Argyle asked his sister, she was able to learn that he belonged to a secret lodge that called themselves “The Wings of Erdegekettet.” She expressed deep concern about this, because secret lodges are rarely up to any good. Furthermore, this appeared to be a very old order, and keeping a secret for so long implies that powerful people are keeping it secret.
- Michael White was being sought out for help by a teenage girl named Erica Wood, who cornered him several times throughout his day and seemed to be begging for help that he refused. After Tracer spooked her in the mall, she ran back to White and the two of them drove to Manchaca’s house. Several hours later, they left and Erica was protected by spirits.
-Erica Wood’s parents, Stan and Janet, were clients of White’s. The firm White works for focuses on business and tax law, so presumably, he was involved with their business. Why a young girl would need his help in the first place remains a mystery.
-After observing the Manchaca’s house, now apparently the location of the lodge “The Wings of Erdegekettet” it became clear that it was a dangerous target. To test how dangerous, Tracer decided to hire “some chumps” to test the defenses. He is awaiting some likely chumps from Hashtag.

A Simple Smash and Grab Part 2

The heist worked according to plan! The mage, Marcus Walker, left for the meeting with Tracer and was rendered unconscious by Argyle. The security system was hacked by Zed to trigger an alarm outside after Wraith was already inside (with the help of a chameleon suit), while Argyle’s air spirit distracted the astral guardians.
There were a couple of hiccups with door security, but the object was removed and the whole job was over in a matter of minutes.

The device was contained in a heavily secured carrying case featuring a coded mag-lock, a biometric lock, and an internal lock accessed via installed wireless node. After an unsuccessful attempt to hack the wireless lock caused the node to crash, it was decided to leave it alone and let the customer figure it out. After all, they were only paid to get the thing from point A to point B. They took it to the address they were given, which turned out to be an operating and well guarded dockside warehouse. The van was approached by armed guards who, with few words, took the case and walked away.

A couple of hours later, while toasting their success in a local coffee and pie joint, the vid-screens began showing news reports of an explosion in a dockside warehouse. Shortly after that, the money for the job (4,000¥) was deposited into the secure account.
Some quick research confirmed that the warehouse in question was in fact their drop point. The only other information turned up was that there have been rumors of smugglers operating out of that particular compound, but they were unable to turn up who might be involved.

Wraith had also nabbed a quantum soldering tool from the lab that he was able to fence for 2,000¥.

Just before he went to sleep, Tracer was contacted by Marcus Walker with a simple message thanking him for the assistance. Strange, considering that he was the target of a very successful magic attack. He did not elaborate any further, but they were able to trace the message back its source, presumably Marcus’ home.

On to the next job!

A Simple Smash and Grab Part 1
The Plannening

Karl has found a Mr. Johnson who needs access to a product still in development by a competitor before the patent can be finalized. The project, which appears to be a hand held weapon of some kind is being developed and tested in an independent research facility, the primary security of which seems to be secrecy.
With the project number supplied by Mr. Johnson, the group has set about putting a plan into action.

A bit of hacking turned up a floor plan and grounds layout, while a meeting in the guise of interested customers turned up some interesting facts about security, most notably, the contact information of the on call security mage. A meeting with him was arranged for the following day at lunch to draw him away for about an hour. When this window starts, they will disrupt cameras and security drones, while simultaneously staging a false attack on the Astral Plane to draw the attention of the bound spirits. All of this should provide the cover necessary to disable the locks and walk right in.


The past
Rules testing in the before times.

This session was a collection of short encounters to try out some rules and get us familiar with the system. The following events all took place approximately one year prior to start of game.

Wraith: Escaped a drone.
Tracer: Survived his first run, which went horribly wrong.
Zed: Installed a cyberarm that was booby trapped with a weird mass spoofing program.
Argyle: Mage duel!
James’ still unnamed character: Escape with the goods via helicopter.


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